Albany Public Library Pine Hills Branch Receives LEED Silver Certification

Syracuse, NY, July 2012--US Green Building Council has awarded the Pine Hills Branch of the Albany Public Library system with LEED® Silver certification.

RAM-TECH Engineers provided the Mechanical and Electrical systems design for the project. The selected energy efficient HVAC systems utilized high efficiency direct vented hot water boilers, VAV system, and a dedicated outdoor air ventilation system with heat recovery. While the limited thermal envelope scope of the project presented a challenge, RAM-TECH Engineers (together with CSArch and DASNY) accomplished more than 20% energy use reduction. The potable water conservation strategies employed in the project design accounted for over 50% savings in annual water use reduction and earned an exemplary performance credit in the Water Use Reduction category.

The Pine Hills Branch is one of three Albany Public Libraries that RAM-TECH designed to LEED’s sustainable design requirements. The Arbor Hill Branch and New Scotland Branch are currently registered with US Green Building Council and are awaiting certification.